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  • Steam Machines

Commercial Power Steamer

The power of steam attacks grease, grime, hard water deposits
and mold. It leaves surfaces clean and sanitized without the use
of chemicals.

  • Operator safety is assured by the 12-volt steam controls,
    pressure switch, thermostat, high-limit thermal shutoff and
    pressure relief valve
  • The tank can be filled while unit is running, allowing for
    continuous use
  • Excellent on grouted floors, showers, kitchens and any area
    where detail cleaning is a challenge
  • Very effective in all food preparation and processing areas,
    including stainless steel range hoods in kitchens
  • Ideal for hotel rooms - spot draperies, bedspreads and carpets
    and even kill bed bugs and their eggs on mattresses
  • Clean floors with the optional "steam mop" and 33' hose
  • The continuous flow system provides the necessary steam
    to remove dirt and built-up soil while leaving your floors
    virtually dry